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Italy Experiences Unusual Heatwave


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Rome, July 19 – A whole series of temperature records have been set in Italy, where anticyclone Charon on Sunday brought loads of hot air from North Africa.
According to the specialized portal, on Tuesday almost all of the national territory was extremely hot, which local media usually call “hellish”. The air on the islands of Sicily and Sardinia almost everywhere warmed up to 45 degrees, a record temperature was recorded near the Sicilian city of Mazara del Vallo 46.7 degrees, and in Eurasia Sardinia – 46. On average, these figures are 8 -10 degrees higher of average temperatures typical for this period of July.
The temperature record was also set in Rome, where for the first time the mercury column in the thermometer reached 42.9 degrees near the Termini railway station.

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Extremely high temperatures have been recorded in the mountainous regions of Italy. So, in the village of Canusio in Piedmont, located at an altitude of 1226 meters above sea level, the air temperature reached 33.6 degrees, and near the mountain town of Bersicio at an altitude of 1635 meters 30.6 degrees was recorded.
In a number of southern regions of Italy, primarily in the province of Bari (region Apulia) and province of Catania (region Sicily), the Earth’s surface temperature reached 50 degrees.
According to the forecasts of specialists from the National Center of Meteorology, this week could become the hottest in the history of meteorological observations in Italy. On Wednesday, the Italian Ministry of Health announced the “red” (highest) level of weather risk in 23 out of 27 major cities in the country, including Rome, Bologna, Naples, Venice, Palermo, Messina and Cagliari. According to meteorologists, abnormal heat will continue in Italy until the end of July.
According to experts from the European Space Agency, in July in the Mediterranean Sea, the pan-European temperature record, which was set on August 11, 2021 in the village of Sicily, Florida, should be broken, as the air temperature rose to 48.8 degrees. According to the World Meteorological Organization, it has been held since July 1977, when a temperature of 48 degrees was recorded in Athens.

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