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It’s also possible that the planet’s mutant ape scammer has pulled the rug on Crazy Camels and Fashion Ape NFTs


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Blockchain investigator ZachXBT discovered that Aurelien Michel — the man recently assigned to run the Mutant Ape Planet’s non-fungible token (NFT) exit scam — also pulled rugs in the Crazy Camels and Fashion Ape NFT collections.

In its research, ZachXBT revealed that the Binance address where Michel transferred his illicit Mutant Ape Planet proceeds also received money from Crazy Camels and Fashion Ape NFT exit scams.

He explained on January 6 on Twitter thread That Michelle’s probably a member of the $1.1 million rug-drag team [on Fashion Ape] And also because he received $123,000 from the Mint and was also on the Crazy Camels team to draw the $1.6 million rug.”

ZachXBT revealed Michel’s Binance address by searching for the 356.44 ethereum (ETH) transaction mentioned in court documents released from the Mutant Ape Planet smart contract.

Court documents even specified that the transfer was directed to “one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges,” further confirming that it is indeed the best cryptocurrency exchange Binance.

The news comes on the heels of recent reports that the United States Securities and Exchange Commission has charged eight individuals and entities associated with blockchain startup CoinDeal with fraud over an alleged scheme to acquire client assets totaling $45 million.

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