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It’s Possible that WhatsApp Will Soon Start Supporting Animated Emoji


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Emojis, GIFs, stickers, and reactions are all forms of expression available to you through WhatsApp. Because the messaging platform Meta owns continues to release new emoji characters, you need to always look for the appropriate emoji to indicate how you feel. You can make your emoji stickers to use on WhatsApp, giving your messages a more personal touch. But WhatsApp wants you to be able to express yourself even more clearly, which is why the company is hard at work developing animated emoticons for its platform.

It's Possible that WhatsApp Will Soon Start Supporting Animated Emoji_

According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp’s desktop application’s most recent beta release shows the company is working on animated emojis. In June of 2022, it was discovered that WhatsApp was working on a beating heart emoji reaction. This enhancement to emojis has been in the works for a considerable amount of time at this point.

According to the publication, the animated emojis were created using Lottie, a space-friendly file format for animations, and designed with mobile screens in mind. This is significant since more than one billion people worldwide use WhatsApp on various handsets, including variable amounts of random access memory (RAM) and storage space. It is something other than what they would want to do, as it would have a negative impact on the app’s performance on lower-end smartphones.

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WhatsApp has no option to turn off the animations associated with emojis. Additionally, it must be made clear whether or not the corporation intends to make this choice available to customers.

It's Possible that WhatsApp Will Soon Start Supporting Animated Emoj i_

Because it gives users various options for expressing themselves, WhatsApp’s primary competitor, Telegram, is substantially more advanced than the former in this respect. This includes converting any video into stickers and animated emoticons and reactions. In addition, if you subscribe to Telegram Premium, you will have access to animated stickers and reactions that are not available to other users.

When WhatsApp’s animated emojis become available to users, they should simultaneously become available on the platform’s mobile apps. However, the feature is currently undergoing testing at this time. Quite some time may pass before this emoji upgrade becomes available on the stable channel.

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