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It’s time for new heroes. What is the capacity for skiers without Kolyada


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The most anticipated event of the year in figure skating – the Russian Championship – starts on Thursday. The best will gather in Krasnoyarsk to find out who will take the title of national champion next year. the News Agency Sport handles the charts in the men’s singles in the absence of one of the leaders – Mikhail Kolyada.
Student Alexey Mishin misses the second Russian Championship in Krasnoyarsk, this time due to sinusitis. In addition, the Russian Olympic team held a training camp in this city before the Olympic Games last year. Then Michael got through it all at once because of the coronavirus.
Kolyada’s expulsion is a huge loss for the audience of the tournament. No matter how diverse the speakers and their repertoire are, what Misha is able to present to the audience, no one else will do. For the skiers themselves, this, of course, is not grief at all, but a great chance for one vacant place on the podium. Since 2016, Kolyada has participated in six similar tournaments and has never fallen below the second place, becoming the winner three times.
Will we now have a new national champion? The probability is very high. However, it is limited by the influence of two men – Mark Kondratyuk and Dmitry Aliev.
Aliyev won the Russian Championship itself without Kolyada, and as that season showed, the victory was not accidental. He became the first European champion from Russia in many years and was in great shape before the World Championships. However, it was canceled due to the corona virus.
Then everything went well. Only this year, it seems, we were waiting for Aliyev’s rebirth. Two victories at the stages of the Russian Grand Prix, good performance in the jumping championship and a clear desire to break out of the peak of two years of failure. All this should help in the championship of Russia.
In something similar Kondratyuk scenario. Last year, in a moral recovery, stability and with two large programs, he became the champion of Russia for the first time in his career, and then repeated the trick with the gold of the European Championship. Then there was a higher point – team gold at the Olympic Games. Because of the doping scandal with Kamila Valeeva, the fate of the medals is still being decided. Even if they are taken away, we will not forget two clean skis and Kondratyuk’s steel nerves.
Against Mark’s stable psyche and the willingness of the judges to cheer him up with signs, a back injury can play. She had already banned him from performing cleanly at the Grand Prix in Samara and forced him to go to the hospital for rehabilitation. Kondratyuk missed the vaulting championships, so his form is now a mystery. In other circumstances, he would have been a potential contender for victory.
Then there are completely new names or old names that are not well forgotten. Neither Alexander Samarin, nor Makar Ignatov, nor Peter Gumnik, nor Andrei Mozalev reached the gold of the Russian championship. Twice Samarin won the silver medal and the same number of times the bronze. Ignatov won silver the year before last, and Mozalev won bronze the previous season. Which of these guys will get gold in Krasnoyarsk, it will be a great success.
An interesting fact: one of the leaders of the national team, Evgeny Semenenko, despite his successes and reputation as a more stable single skater in recent years, has always performed poorly at the Russian Championships. If he has played two senior tournaments so far (the best result is fourth place), then there are four junior ones. On them, he did not rise above the fifth position. Since Semenenko has never been seen in a breakdown from excitement, and everything is in order with his health, in Krasnoyarsk you can expect a clean performance and a medal from him.
I am glad that this year the circle of contenders for medals in the Russian Championship is wider than ever. Names that have not previously had such results are added to it. Pyotr Gumennik opened up from a new side. There was no doubt about his talent before, but there was always a lack of purity. At the last jumping tournament, he was one of the best and reached the final, and before that he won bronze and gold at two stages of the Russian Grand Prix series.
Gleb Lutfullin is one of the finds of the season. Unexpectedly for many, he won the Grand Prix in Samara after the silver medal at the Moscow stage, and even became the bronze medalist of the jumping championship in the individual category. His charisma on ice can be compared, perhaps, with Alina Zagitova – unique proportions and natural charm. Gleb has only high-quality basic choreographic training, which allows him, without loud titles, to present himself as a champion on ice.

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Andrey Mozalev, according to some experts, shows the most creative and original programs of all. Even if in Krasnoyarsk he failed to collect jumps and be on top, the team should not be disappointed in the strategy. They play for a long time, and this will definitely bring results. When to learn to combine technical and avant-garde second graders, if not in a year devoid of international competitions.
In general, the fact that the championship this season is not a choice of the European and World Championships should somewhat remove the responsibility from the skaters and thus help them perform cleanly. Can you imagine how difficult it would be for the judges to select the best if everyone skated without mistakes? Young people can give us the best end of the year, so be it. We seem to be entering an era when Russia’s men’s single skating returns to the top of the spectator ratings thanks to real competition and sharply twisted intrigue.
The preliminary list of participants is complete: Dmitry Aliev, Yevgeny Semenenko, Gleb Lutvolyn, Mark Kondratyuk, Peter Gumenik, Alexander Samarin, Andrei Mozalev, Ilya Yablokov, Alexey Erokhov, Artem Kovalev, Ivan Popov, Makar Ignatov, Arturi Danielan and Matvey. Anisimov, Vladislav Kachev, Roman Atuyar.
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