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Izhavia to Provide Compensation for Izhevsk-Sochi Flight Passengers


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UFA, March 19 – Yaroslav Semenov, head of the government of Udmurtia, said on his Telegram channel that Izhavia airline will compensate passengers of the Izhevsk-Sochi flight for the lost day off.
And Saturday, nine flights to St. Petersburg and Moscow, as well as flights to Yekaterinburg, Istanbul, Belgrade, Kazan, Baku, Nizhny Novgorod, Samara, Kemerovo, Ufa and Chelyabinsk, were delayed at Sochi airport due to fog and poor visibility.
Izhavia Airlines reports that the Izhevsk-Sochi flight landed at Makhachkala Alternate Airport due to difficult weather conditions at Sochi Airport.

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He noted that all planes flying to Sochi from different countries and regions of Russia found themselves in such a situation.
According to him, the overloading of receiving airports has led to some difficulties in providing services. “Including our passengers. Through the management of Izhavia, I conducted a detailed analysis of the situation on all incoming orders. The airline’s management assured that it would compensate the passengers of flight I8-501 for expenses, including the missed vacation day,” Semyonov explained.
He added that all statements related to today’s delays will be considered by the company as a matter of priority.

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