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Japanese Firm Introduces ‘Girafenap’: The Upright Pod for Power Napping at Work


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The Benefits of Taking a Nap at Work: Introducing the “Girafenap” Upright Pod

Increased Alertness, Productivity, and Creativity

Experts have long argued that taking a nap at work can have numerous benefits. It can help increase alertness, boost productivity, and even enhance creativity.

A Quicker Nap Solution

A Japanese company has recently unveiled an innovative contraption called the “Girafenap.” This vertical capsule allows office workers to take a nap in a more efficient way.

Upright Sleeping

The Girafenap is designed to enable workers to sleep upright, resembling long-necked mammals. The pod consists of platforms that support the body’s weight while blocking out external noise.

Space and Size Considerations

However, with its dimensions of only 8.4 feet tall and 4 feet wide, individuals using the Girafenap might prefer the comfort of an office sofa or opting to rest their heads on a table.

A Solution for Nap Convenience

The Girafenap is developed by Koyoju Plywood Corporation in Hokkaido, Japan, where it is already socially acceptable to sleep at a desk. The company aims to create a society where everyone can take a nap, ultimately improving both business and healthcare.

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Recharging the Mind and Body

The company believes that many people struggle with physical fatigue, stress, and drowsiness while working. They aim to dismantle such stereotypes by promoting the concept of taking a standing nap to quickly recharge the mind and body.

Pod Features

The Girafenap offers two bedroom designs: a futuristic “outer space” theme and a more rustic “jungle” theme. Inside the pod, there is an elaborate seat assembly that provides a stable position without requiring any force.

Users are advised to assume an unconventional posture with bent knees and a slightly leaning forward torso. The head and arms can rest on a padded platform, similar to how airplane passengers use their tray tables for napping during long flights.

The pod is equipped with various features, including a fire extinguisher, smoke detector, fan, LED ceiling and floor lighting, and metal mounts for hanging jackets. The roof can be removed for natural airflow, and soundproofing ensures a quiet environment for rest.

Not Just for Offices

The Girafenap is not restricted to offices alone. It is also being installed in coffee shops, such as the Harajuku Nescafé in downtown Tokyo, providing an alternative energy boost option for users.

Scientific Backing

Koyoju Plywood Corporation highlights that numerous studies have shown the positive effects of active sleep on productivity and creativity.


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