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Joe Biden spoke directly with the new "The president is us"


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Moscow, January 5 – US President Joe Biden, speaking about the security of the country’s southern border, praised Vice President Kamala Harris for the work done, calling her “the president.” The speech of the American leader was broadcast on the official White House channel on YouTube.
“President Harris has led this work to improve the situation in the countries from which they (immigrants – approx. ed.) departed, and thanks to her leadership, more than $3.2 billion has been drawn from the private sector to create jobs and opportunities in El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala.”
The American leader repeatedly called Harris’s boss. In addition, this is not the first time that the public has noticed the strange behavior of the American leader, who will turn 80 this year. In early April, Michelle, the wife of former US President Barack Obama, attributed the position of vice president during the period when he himself served in this position. In addition, Biden mispronounced the name of Russian leader Vladimir Putin, and confused the words “vaccination” and “escalation,” as well as between Syria, Libya and Iraq with Iran.

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In June last year, former White House congressman Ronnie Jackson and 13 members of Congress also called on the US president to immediately undergo a similar test, saying that the decline in mental abilities and forgetfulness of the US leader are becoming more and more obvious.

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