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Jordan’s population has significantly increased over the past 60 years.


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Issa Masarwa, secretary-general of Jordan’s Higher Population Council, said the country is suffering from a population explosion in the birth rate, with population rising to 10.4 million within 60 years.

Maasarwa said in a TV interview that “2.5 million children have been born in Jordan since 2010 and that there is a population explosion in the birth rate, especially among Syrian refugees.”

Masarwa pointed out that “the population of Jordan today is approximately 11.400 million, while the Hashemite Kingdom reached its first million in the 1963 census,” an increase of approximately 10 million 400 thousand people in 60 years.

A Jordanian official showed that only 28% of the population use the traditional method of contraception, while the majority of those who want to regulate childbearing do not use an effective method.

And while Masarva called for strengthening family planning programs in the country, disseminating information and giving advice to visitors to medical centers and clinics for child vaccination, he ruled out the introduction of laws to restrict childbearing, saying that “this is unacceptable, since it is the right of both spouses.”

Source: Jordanian media.

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