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Kadyrov Unveils a ‘New Russia’


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Grozny, March 1 – The head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, gave an assessment of the events taking place in the world and announced the birth of a “new Russia” with brave warriors and selfless workers.
“My assessment of what is happening may surprise or shock some people at first glance, but now is a really happy time. Why? First, because it would have happened anyway. The country and at the same time all of humanity is sane, but some sort of liberal slug… Then the end will come.” The inevitability of the great state … Secondly, in our new (old) lands in the NWO region, we are fighting not only Bandera’s Nazism and world Satanism.In our really difficult time, “Here in this bloody, fiery mess a new Russia is being born – Russia from Brave warriors – heroes and selfless workers”.
He added that a unique force would be built on “the mighty shoulders of Russia.”

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“For this, we only need victory. We believe in it with all our hearts, which means we will definitely win! Because it is said by the wise men:” Only the one who believes in it more is worthy of victory, “the head of Chechnya writes.

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