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Kalashnikov launches enhanced safety military helmets in production


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The Russian corporation Kalashnikov announced the start of mass production of Elbrus-T helmets made of titanium, which is highly resistant to fragments.

The press service of the corporation says: “The Steel Institute of our corporation has begun the stage of mass industrial production of new Elbrus-T helmets made of titanium. Titanium helmets have a number of advantages over helmets made of other composite materials, including high protection against fragments with sharp edges. , such as fragments of hand grenades, mines and high-explosive fragmentation shells.

The statement added: “The new helmets comply with the Russian protection standard BR2 – R 57560-2017 and outperform their competitors from other titanium helmets. New technologies used by manufacturers will reduce the production cycle to 3 months.”

The statement stated that the Kalashnikov plant “Steel” today is considered one of the leading institutions in Russia in the production of materials for weapons and special military equipment, and is also developing several types of dynamic and electromagnetic shields, radiation protection equipment, equipment. for protection against high-precision guided weapons.

Source: Weapons of Russia

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