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Kalashnikov MP-155 Ultima: The First Russian Rifle with Innovative Technology and Elegant Design


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Sales of the MP-155 Ultima Multi-Purpose Carbine Begin


The Russian company Kalashnikov has recently launched the MP-155 Ultima multi-purpose carbine, a firearm boasting advanced technologies and a sleek design.

Features of the MP-155 Ultima

This innovative rifle is the first of its kind in Russia to be equipped with an internal computer. The computer provides users with valuable information such as the number of shots fired and the rate of fire. Additionally, it includes a clock and an electronic compass. The rifle can also be connected to phones or computers via Wi-Fi networks for data transmission and storage.

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The MP-155 Ultima is crafted using high-quality metals commonly used in gun manufacturing. It is designed with lightweight and durable aluminum rails and picatinny mounts, allowing for easy installation of various external accessories such as iron sights, optical sights, night sights, lights, and more.

Versatility and Availability

This rifle offers smooth barrels with lengths of 71 cm and 75 cm, specifically designed for compatibility with 12/70 mm cartridges. The MP-155 Ultima is available in two versions: a short version equipped with a pistol grip, and a version with a shoulder-supported grip.

After undergoing rigorous testing, the rifle obtained a Certificate of Conformity and Certification No. ROSS RU.C-RU.AYA.B.01117/23 on January 31, 2023. Kalashnikov has since commenced sales of the MP-155 Ultima in Russia.


Information sourced from Russian Arms.

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