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“Kalashnikov” presents an old rifle of the 19th century


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Cossack rifle “Berdan-2” model 1875 was estimated at 1 million rubles. The rifle was produced at the Sestroretsk plant in the Russian Empire and is of great historical value.

A representative of the Kalashnikov firm stated: “Although there is no indication of the factory that manufactured it on the body of the machine gun, arrow-shaped marks are common on its main components, which led experts to believe that it belongs to the Russian Sestroretsk plant. factory.”

Experts also believe that the pistol is a custom-made test piece. Therefore, there is no laboratory seal. But there is a state seal confirming that the gun has been tested.

The Kalashnikov representative recalled that the Berdan-2 rifle bears this name after the famous American gunsmith Germ Berdan and entered service with the Russian Imperial Army in 1870, caliber 10.75 x 58 mm, and its effective firing range is 284 meters.

The rifle was used in all the wars waged by Russia in the late 19th century – early 20th century, and was replaced in 1891 by the “Mosin rifle” with a magazine.

Source: Russian newspaper

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