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Kiev seeks agreement with Warsaw on grain trade


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Moscow, April 16 – In Kiev, they said they hoped at talks on Monday to agree grain transit with Warsaw, which has until June 30 banned imports of agricultural products from Ukraine amid protests from farmers.
“We understand that it is difficult for Polish farmers. We all understand who is the reason for all this. But everyone in the world knows what is most difficult for Ukrainian farmers. We hope for constructive negotiations on Monday,” the Ukrainian edition of Klymenko.Time quotes the words of the Minister of Politics Agronomist in Ukraine Mykola Solsky.
According to him, problems with transit and export to Poland have been going on since January. To solve it, many negotiations took place, including non-public ones.

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At the end of March, the prime ministers of a number of EU countries turned to the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, with a request to intervene in the crisis caused by the flow of grain from Ukraine. The message of the Prime Ministers of Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Slovakia indicated that “the problems are associated with a significant increase in the supply of Ukrainian products to the markets of the EU member states, especially those bordering or located near Ukraine.” In particular, “an unprecedented growth in imports of cereals, oilseeds, eggs, poultry, sugar, cider, berries, apples, flour, honey and pasta.”
Earlier, a number of organizations uniting Polish farmers protested against the deposit and sale of grain in the country, which is imported from Ukraine for subsequent export through Poland to other countries. The farmers said that the Ukrainian grain is not of sufficient quality, due to the sharp drop in prices of local products, and there may not be enough storage space for a new crop. According to official data from the Polish side, about 2 million tons of grain were imported into the republic from Ukraine over the past year.

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