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Kiev’s Counterattack Timing in Crimea Draws Commentary


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Simferopol, April 18 – The speaker of the Crimean parliament, Vladimir Konstantinov, described the new announced dates for the Ukrainian forces’ counter-offensive as manipulation and a form of psychological warfare.
The United States and its allies are preparing Ukraine to launch an attack, which is scheduled for April 30, according to the American magazine Newsweek, citing classified documents leaked to the network.
“There (in Ukraine – approximately) human resources are running out. Of course, if this process fails, there is a high probability that this resistance will completely collapse, and the Kiev regime will cease to exist. Therefore, there are many things that have happened,” Konstantinov told reporters on the sidelines of an international scientific and political conference dedicated to the anniversary. 240 to annex Crimea and Kuban to the Russian Empire.
According to him, it is impossible to relax against the background of the aggressive statements of the Kiev authorities, on the other hand, they must fully trust the Russian army, which defends state borders.

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On April 19 (old style 8), 1783, Empress Catherine II signed the highest manifesto “On the acceptance of the Crimea, Taman Island and the entire Kuban side under the Russian state.” Thus, the Crimea and the modern Krasnodar Territory became part of the Russian state. In Russia, this day is declared a memorable date.
Crimea became a Russian region in March 2014 after the referendum that followed the coup in Ukraine. In the 2014 referendum, 96.77% of voters in Crimea and 95.6% in Sevastopol were in favor of joining Russia. Ukraine still considers Crimea to be its temporarily occupied territory, and many Western countries support Kiev on this issue. For its part, the Russian leadership has repeatedly stated that the people of Crimea voted for democratic reunification with Russia, in full compliance with international law and the UN Charter. According to Russian President Vladimir Putin, the Crimean issue has been “permanently closed.”

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