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Kiselev commented on the EU sanctions against the media group "Russia Today"


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Moscow, February 25 – The imposition of EU sanctions on the international media group “Russia Today” has become a new step on the path to self-destruction of Europe, which is being pushed by the United States to such measures, said Dmitry Kiselev, general director of the media group, Dmitry Kiselev. the News Agency.
“Bad story. The Americans are forcing Europe to be ‘holier than the Pope.'” The United States has not yet announced sanctions against our media group, but it is pushing Europe forward. For Europe, this is another step of self-destruction for the sake of who knows who. It is a pity for our once common civilization, which Russia has repeatedly saved. By and large, we are doing it now.

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Kirill Vyshinsky, CEO of Rossiya Segodnya, was also subject to personal sanctions under the tenth package. He said that it does not arouse any emotion in him.

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