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Kit Harington Talks About the ”Game of Thrones” Sequel Series That’s Been Rumored


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Jon Snow has no idea of the fervour around his own “Game of Thrones” spin-off, but Kit Harington does.

Kit Harington Talks About the ''Game of Thrones'' Sequel Series That's Been Rumored_

The native Londoner addressed the speculation on the potential television series during his appearance on “The Tonight Show” on Friday. Although Harington didn’t formally confirm it, he did say that it might if his ego were to take any more blows.

“Man, I don’t know,” Nowadays, I get noticed a little less as I walk down the street, which wounds my ego, you know? After saying, “I got a tally in my brain of how few shots I get asked for in a day,” Harington continued, “I’m pretty close to putting on some furs.”

And I’ll produce a spin-off when it falls below a certain amount, he continued.

In a clever attempt to spark the Snow-laden series, Fallon then jokingly pleaded with his audience to refrain from asking Harington for images. If the audience would quit bothering Kit Harington, he declared, “we would see a ‘Game of Thrones’ spin-off right now with Jon Snow.”

In the end, Harington conceded that he “can’t reveal anything” about his upcoming return as Jon Snow. However, The Hollywood Reporter broke the first news of a second series in the early stages of development in June 2022. Even the actress who played his sister, Maisie Williams, was enthused.

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Williams told People, “I think it’s extremely exciting, and Kit is such a fantastic actor. “His portrayal of Jon Snow was similar to a cultural reboot. Everything he touches is magical, and I can’t wait to find out what it is.

Harington has frequently stated that he longs to play the King in the North once more.

Snow “would’ve felt he got off lightly” after only being sent to the Wall in the North after killing Daenerys, the actor said to EW at a “Game of Thrones” event last year (Emilia Clarke). But Harington asserted that what followed was worth investigating.

Kit Harington Talks About the ''Game of Thrones'' Sequel Series That's Been Rumored_

He must return to the location with all this history and spend the rest of his days reflecting on how he killed Danny. On Ygritte passing away in his arms… Harington told the newspaper “about how he hung Olly, and… about all of this pain. And that’s interesting, too.

At the conclusion, viewers “expected some kind of small smile that things are OK.” Still, Snow was unquestionably “not OK,” according to Harington. He referred to Snow’s exile as “the greatest curse” and seemed to share Fallon’s audience’s desire that it would someday be portrayed.

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