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Klopp comments on Liverpool and Real Madrid ‘signing’ events in French final


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Liverpool head coach Jurgen Klopp has commented on calls for Slovak Oleksandr Čeferin to step down as UEFA president.

This comes after reports that there was chaos as Liverpool fans entered the Stade de France, which hosted last season’s European Champions League final, ending in the Reds’ defeat by Real Madrid with a single goal.

Klopp said in statements to Britain’s Liverpool Echo network: “I don’t demand Chevrin’s departure… I’m not sure who made the decision (to play the final in Paris).”

He added: “I work as a boss for some people and in many things I don’t work on some issues myself 100%, so I get information from different people and then I make a decision, and the better the information you get, the better. solutions”.

He continued, “I don’t think Shevrin has made up his mind, but someone has put all the cards together to tell him this is the best place.”

He concluded by saying, “I don’t expect him to go to Paris or Rome or Berlin and then say (that’s not good). There are other people who do this… Perhaps one of them should consider whether there is a better place to take another job.”

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