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Komar Naval Missile System: Capable of Hitting Air and Sea Targets – Presented at Interpolitex Exhibition


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The Komar Naval Missile System: A Versatile Defense Solution

The Komar naval missile system, showcased at the international technical exhibition Interpolitex, offers a powerful capability to engage air and sea targets.

Simultaneous Target Engagement

Equipped with Ataka guided missiles alongside Igla-S missiles, the Komar system allows for the simultaneous engagement of both air and sea targets. This includes the ability to effectively neutralize fast suicide boats, which can reach speeds of up to 50 sea knots (equivalent to 90 km/h).

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Adaptability and Versatility

The Komar system is primarily designed for installation on ships lacking heavy anti-aircraft and naval weaponry. However, its flexibility also makes it suitable for safeguarding industrial facilities and other critical sites within the country. This versatility explains its presence at the Interpolitex technical exhibition, where equipment from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Russian National Guard is often showcased.

Interpolitich: A Platform for Innovation

Taking place from October 17 to 19 in Moscow, the Interpolitich exhibition serves as an international platform for Russian companies to present their military and civilian products. This includes combat drones used for medical evacuations and minefield clearance, as well as the Black Widow complex, which focuses on human power identification and control. Notably, the complex employs an engineering drone to detect explosives and military equipment from a distance of 1500 meters.

Source: Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

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