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Konami Announces Super Crazy Rhythm Castle Release Date and Exciting Music Tracks


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Super Crazy Rhythm Castle: Release Date Announced

Konami Announces Release Date

Konami announced this during yesterday’s Direct presentation Super crazy rhythm castle will be released on November 14 for all current systems. More information can be found in the press release:

Exciting Music Tracks in Super Crazy Rhythm Castle

As part of the release date announcement, KONAMI also revealed that four of the more than 30 exciting music tracks in Super Crazy Rhythm Castle are from the popular Beatmania, Gradius and Castlevania series. Details about the songs below:

  • Music title: Smoooch | Game series: Beatmania
  • Music title: Gradius Remix | Game series: Gradius
  • Music title: Bloody Tears | Game series: Castlevania
  • Music title: Vampire Killer | Game series: Castlevania

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