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Koo, India’s Alternative to Twitter, Seeks Strategic Partner for Next Phase and Funding Challenges


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Koo, India’s Alternative to Twitter, Seeks Strategic Partner for Next Phase

Koo, the popular social networking platform in India and Brazil, is searching for a strategic partner with strong distribution capabilities as it enters its next phase. The startup, backed by Accel and Tiger Global, has faced funding challenges recently.

Shift in Focus to Revenue Generation

Co-founder Mayank Bidawatka announced on LinkedIn that although Koo had initially planned to focus on scaling, market conditions forced them to switch gears and prioritize revenue generation. Within just six months of experimenting with different revenue models, they successfully transformed the company into a profitable business.

Differentiating Factors

Koo differentiates itself from competitors by supporting multiple local languages, making it more accessible to a wider audience. This approach has led to the app attracting prominent Indian politicians and sports personalities over the past two years.

Seeking Additional Funding or Strategic Partnership

In order to continue growing, Koo is now seeking additional funding or a strategic partnership. Due to the current slow investor market, partnering with a strong distributor would provide Koo with the necessary user base and support for expansion.

Rumors of Financial Struggles and Potential Sale

Rumors about Koo’s financial struggles have surfaced in local media, suggesting that the company may consider a strategic sale. According to reports, Koo has approached several potential investors and players in the industry, including Microsoft.

Potential to Surpass Twitter’s Popularity

Bidawatka expressed confidence that Koo could have surpassed Twitter’s popularity in India within the next six months if given the opportunity. He also pointed out that even Meta, the renowned “Godfather of social platforms,” faces challenges in developing basic features for their Threads app.

Current User Base

Sensor Tower, a leading mobile intelligence firm, revealed that Koo currently has fewer than 1 million monthly active users across all markets where it operates.

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