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Kostomarov’s Condition in Intensive Care Stabilizes, Reports Media


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Moscow, March 23 – The Izvestia newspaper, citing one of the sources, reported that the condition of the Olympic figure skater Roman Kostomarov remains stable.
The newspaper notes, “He is not getting better or worse. The doctors put him in a solution, and they also gave him the necessary injections.”
Earlier it was reported that Kostomarov is recovering, but the body’s healing process is slow.

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Kostomarov was hospitalized on January 10 with pneumonia. Later, the Olympic champion suffered a stroke, he developed necrosis. Sources told the News Agency that doctors amputated part of the figure skater’s leg and several fingers on his hands. On March 19, information appeared about a significant improvement in Kostomarov’s health. The skier began breathing on his own without the use of assistive equipment.

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