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Kostomarov’s Grim Diagnosis: ‘Lucky if he Stays Alive’


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Moscow, March 6 – Lev Averbakh, chief physician of the special ambulance “Koris” in St. Petersburg, assessed the condition of the Olympic champion in figure dancing Roman Kostomarov.
Earlier, the media reported that the figure skater is in hospital with suspected re-development of sepsis.
The doctor also added that Kostomarov’s symptoms are more indicative of thrombosis than sepsis. Averbakh also noted that sepsis cannot start again, but that an untreated past can develop again.

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On January 10, Kostomarov ended up in intensive care with pneumonia. Later, he was transferred to a hospital in Kommunarka, where they began to carry out artificial blood oxygenation (ECMO), used in emergency situations to maintain life.
After some time, the patient was disconnected from the regimen, as there was an improvement in the condition. However, sources told the News Agency that doctors amputated part of the figure skater’s leg and several fingers on both hands.

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