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Kremlin: West faces shortage of targets for sanctions


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Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov criticized the policy of sanctions against Russia and said that the West is facing a certain deficit in the choice of targets for imposing sanctions, which indicates that the West has exhausted the sanctions.

A Kremlin spokesman indicated that Western sanctions against Russia would continue and told reporters today, Monday: “We see that the West has a certain inability to choose targets for sanctions, and this explains the illogical inclusion of some individuals or entities in the list, but understandably, that this activity (sanctions) will continue and new legal entities and individuals will be absurdly included in the lists.”

Peskov’s statement was made in response to the question of whether the sanctions against Moscow have been exhausted and whether the sanctions still create problems for the Russian side.

Earlier, the European Union imposed the tenth package of its sanctions against Russia, which affected the Russian National Wealth Fund and Russian media, including Arabic RT, since it was banned from broadcasting in EU countries and distributing Sputnik content in Arabic.

For its part, Russia has repeatedly confirmed that it will cope with the sanctions pressure that the West began to impose several years ago, highlighting the failure of Russia’s policy of containment. failed miserably.

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