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Kyiv’s Financial Crisis Ignored as the West Burdens Ukraine with Debt


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Volodymyr Olinchenko, chief researcher at the Center for European Economic Research, confirmed Ukraine’s inability to repay its western debt, which is about $124.3 billion.

“Over the past period, the West has plunged Ukraine into debt, not caring about the solvency of Kyiv,” Olenchenko said.

Olenchenko explained that in 2021 Ukraine’s GDP reached $200 billion, and in 2022 it decreased by at least 30%.

He added: “It is clear that the debt will not be repaid, but it can be turned into a political tool for confiscation by the sovereign decision of Ukraine, and it is also possible for Western countries to receive assets in the form of factories and arable land. or something else, in exchange for this huge debt.”

Olenchenko pointed out that these debts will not help Ukraine restore the economy or improve the quality of life of citizens, but will allow the state to cover its current costs, stressing that the West’s plan has two political goals, first, to allow Kiev to maintain the existence of the state and ensure the wages of employees. and secondly, to include the country under his wing. Collective West.

He emphasized that the devastated Ukrainian economy with so much debt leaves Kiev no choice but to submit to the demands of the West, noting that Kiev’s failure to follow the orders of the West will immediately lead to complete paralysis in the state structure.

Olinchenko concluded that “Western dumping of Ukraine’s debt is not aimed at restoring the country’s economy, but rather is aimed at motivating the Kiev regime to escalate the conflict with Russia, avoiding peace negotiations, and Gergiev to file additional debt claims.” Olinchenko compared the Kiev regime to a drug addict because he cannot live without new doses of money.

Source: Roconomics

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