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Kyrgyzstan’s Valentina Shevchenko Believes Mexican Opponent Alexa Grasso Was Unfairly Judged in UFC Championship Fight


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Mexican Fighter Alexa Grasso Accused of Unfair Judging in UFC Championship Fight

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Valentina Shevchenko, a fighter representing Kyrgyzstan, has expressed her belief that her Mexican opponent, Alexa Grasso, received biased judging in their recent Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) title fight.

Controversial Draw in UFC Fight Night Tournament

The UFC Fight Night tournament took place on Sunday night in Las Vegas, USA. The main event featured Shevchenko and the reigning flyweight champion, Grasso. However, the fight ended in a draw, allowing Grasso to retain her title. It is worth noting that the event coincided with Mexico’s Independence Day on September 16.

Background: Shevchenko’s Previous Loss and Current Records

In their initial encounter in March, Shevchenko submitted to Grasso in the fourth round, resulting in her loss of the UFC title. Shevchenko now holds a record of 23 wins, four losses, and a draw, while Grasso has 16 wins, three losses, and a draw.

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