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Larian Studios Announces Baldur’s Gate III Patch 3 Launch Date: September 22, 2023


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Larian Studios Announces Baldur’s Gate III Patch 3 Launch Date

Larian Studios has announced on Twitter that Baldur’s Gate III Patch 3 will launch on September 22, 2023.

Patch 3 Release Date

Patch 3 is coming, and it’s a big one. To ensure thorough testing, we’re releasing Patch 3 this Friday, September 22 instead.

Thanks for your patience, all!

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Baldur’s Gate III was released for the PC in August and arrived for the PS5 earlier this month, receiving critical acclaim in the process. In fact, you can read what we thought of the fantasy-RPG here.

Larian Studios recently confirmed that it hasn’t ruled out the possibility of DLC for the game, although nothing has been announced yet, and Cross-Play is still very much part of the game’s roadmap.

The PS5 version of Baldur’s Gate III benefited from all the post-launch patches released for the PC edition up to that point, although Larian Studios is still busy ironing out lingering bugs. In terms of comparing both versions, the PS5 release of Baldur’s Gate III has been described as being “effectively” the visually maxed out PC version.

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