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Launch of Proton-M Rocket with Repeating Satellite from Baikonur


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Moscow, March 13 – The Proton-M rocket with the Breeze-M upper stage was launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome and the Breeze-M upper stage with the Luch-5X satellite launched the relay to a medium orbit, Roscosmos reported.
Today at 02:13 Moscow time, the Proton-M launch vehicle with the Breeze-M upper stage and the Luch-5X spacecraft were launched from the 200th site of the Baikonur cosmodrome. The stage separated from the launch vehicle’s third stage and launched the satellite into orbit. predetermined.”
According to documents available to the News Agency, the Luch-5X satellite is scheduled to be separated and launched into orbit at 11:15 Moscow time.

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Now the constellation of Russian relay satellites has three spacecraft – “Luch-5A”, “B” and “V”. Devices provide information exchange with stationary and moving objects on the ground, in the air and in outer space.
The Proton-M rocket was sent to launch the satellite to Baikonur in 2021, and its launch was scheduled for the same year. Then the start was postponed to 2022, but even then it did not take place.
The launch vehicle and upper stage were manufactured by the State Aerospace Research and Production Center named after MV Khrunichev (part of the state corporation Roscosmos).
The Proton-M launch vehicle has been used since 2001 to launch payloads on various near-Earth orbit and departure trajectories under federal and commercial programs.

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