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Lies Of P: Upcoming Soulslike Game for PS5 and PS4 – Release Date, Storage Space Requirements, and Pre-Load Details


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Lies Of P – Upcoming Soulslike Game

Lies Of P is the upcoming soulslike – or more Bloodborne-like than anything based on our impressions from the demo – that’ll be coming to PS5 and PS4 on September 19, 2023.

Storage Space Requirements

With the release now less than two weeks away, the ever-reliable PlayStationSize account on Twitter has reported just how much of their hard drive or SSD players on either platform can expect the game to eat up.

  • PS5:
    • Version 1.001.000 – Requires 34.707GB of SSD space
  • PS4:
    • Pinocchio-themed action game – Requires 29.107GB of storage

Release and Pre-Load Details

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Lies of P (PS4-PS5)

– Download Size :

  • PS4 : 29.107 GB
  • PS5 : 34.707 GB
  • Version : 1.01/1.001.000

– Standard Edition ($59.99):

  • Pre-Load : Sep 17, Midnight
  • Release : Sep 19, Midnight

– Deluxe Edition ($69.99)

– Source: PlayStationSize on Twitter

About Lies Of P

Lies Of P definitely caught players by surprise when it was first being revealed, as it seemed like an odd twist to take Pinocchio and turn it into such a dark story, though as we’ve drawn closer to it, the excitement level has risen dramatically.

Its most recent trailer showed off an array of weapons players will be able to use and assemble themselves in the game, as one of its key unique combat draws is the ability to disassemble and reassemble weapons by mixing different blades and hilts for unique handling and fighting styles.

Make sure to keep an eye out on PSU for our review of Lies Of P.

Source – PlayStationSize on Twitter

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