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Limitations of ChatGPT: 5 Things that are Beyond its Capability.


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ChatGPT has proven to be extremely popular since its launch late last year. And people have used AI for a wide variety of purposes, from writing job reports to making diet plans and applying for jobs.

But what can’t a robot do?

MailOnline is looking for five tasks ChatGPT can’t do, from playing the popular online game Wordle to remembering its name.

He also can’t give prescription drug advice or write accurate news articles – though some proponents say it’s only a matter of time before he can do the latter.

Can’t remember his name

It’s amazing what ChatGPT is capable of. But the only thing he doesn’t know is who he really is.

Mention ChatGPT and start saying “knows nothing about ChatGPT”. This is probably due to the fact that when it was programmed, its creators had not yet come up with a name for it.

However, it seemed a bit odd that something so intelligent didn’t know its name.

Submission of information after 2021

ChatGPT training data is ending in 2021. This means that he is completely unaware of current events, trends, or anything that happened after that.

So even though he trained on a lot of text data to generate human responses to text prompts, he doesn’t know what the world has been like in the last two years because he’s offline.

Of course, it would be very difficult to keep up with events as they happen, because this would require ChatGPT to constantly prepare for information.

But it is worth remembering this when asking him certain questions.

For example, he does not know any of the world leaders who have come to power since 2021.

– Can’t play Wordle

Being a language model, you might think that Wordle would indeed be within reach of ChatGPT.

However, he doesn’t really know how to play the popular online word game and doesn’t understand its premise or rules.

This is because Wordle became popular after 2021 and ChatGPT is unable to provide any information after that.

Even when trying to train the AI, he still couldn’t understand or successfully complete the Wordle.

Cannot write accurate news articles

The bot can do good things, including writing brief introductions, but it lacks the nuance and depth to write articles entirely on its own.

Tests have shown that ChatGPT can write well, but many of its stories contain errors. This is because he tends to fabricate knowledge if he lacks understanding.

To be fair, the bot warns that it “may sometimes generate incorrect information” and “may generate harmful instructions or biased content.”

Prescribed medication advice

ChatGPT recently caused a stir in the medical community after it was discovered that it could pass the gold standard exam required to practice medicine in the US, raising the possibility that it could one day replace human doctors.

However, there is one area where it should not be used, and that is prescription drug counseling.

And if you ask ChatGPT about prescription drugs, they will tell you they can’t give advice and suggest you talk to a specialist.

However, he will provide basic medical advice, including advice on over-the-counter medications.

Source: Daily Mail

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