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Lionel Messi Reveals His Post-Football Plans: Argentine Star’s Ambitions as Sporting Director and More


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Lionel Messi Reveals Post-Football Plans

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Renowned Argentine football star Lionel Messi, currently playing for American club Inter Miami, recently discussed his aspirations for life after retiring from the sport.

Retirement Date and Future Ambitions

During an interview with journalist Miguel Granados on the OLGA YouTube channel, Messi was asked about his retirement plans. In response, the legendary player expressed that he hasn’t given it much thought and prefers not to dwell on it.

Messi emphasized his desire to continue enjoying the game and highlighted it as the primary reason for his move from Europe to Inter Miami during the last summer transfer period.

Post-Retirement Career Goals

The 36-year-old Argentine, who has achieved success in every major football tournament, including the World Cup, shared his interest in becoming a sporting director or taking on any other role that would allow him to stay connected to the football club.

Messi described football as his passion and expressed gratitude for being able to pursue a career doing what he loves. While acknowledging his responsibilities and goals, he admitted uncertainty about his future plans and expressed a desire to remain involved in the sport, possibly as a manager or in a similar capacity.

Source: channel “OLGA”

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