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Little Nightmares III Announced at gamescom: Playable in Online Coop and Coming to Consoles in 2024


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Introducing Little Nightmares III: Face Your Childhood Fears

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Little Nightmares III Announcement at gamescom

As is known, tradition obliges and therefore became Little Nightmares III announced last night at gamescom, just like its two predecessors. Additional information can be found in the press release:

For the first time in the history of the video game franchise, players will be able to face their childhood fears alongside a second person as the game will be playable in online coop. But you can also enjoy the new title alone, with the AI ​​​​taking over the second character.

In Little Nightmares III, players take on the role of new characters Low and Alone, two friends looking for a path that will lead them out of nowhere. Together they travel through the Spiral, a world full of menacing dangers like the Monster Baby in Necropolis. Each carries an iconic item, Low gets a bow and arrow, Alone gets a wrench. The objects help them solve puzzles and ultimately their search for an exit.

Little Nightmares III is set to release on all current consoles in 2024.

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