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‘Lively Debate Erupts between Liverpool and Manchester United Icons regarding Saudi Arabia’


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There has been a dispute between former Manchester United legend Rio Ferdinand and former Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher over Saudi Arabia’s attraction of football stars.

Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo opened the box door to an influx of stars into the Saudi professional football league Roshen by joining Al Nasr in January 2023.

Some Saudi clubs have managed to secure big deals for big money during the current summer transfer period, with a number of prominent players from European leagues such as French duo Karim Benzema and N’Golo Kante joining Jeddah’s ranks. Union and the Portuguese Robin Neves to the ranks of Al-Hilal and others, In addition to the appointment of Englishman Steven Gerrard as coach of the Al-Ettifak club.

And European Football Association (UEFA) President Aleksander Čeferin criticized the method of attracting Saudi clubs to the stars of the first popular game, noting that “football develops by investing in academies, attracting coaches and polishing players, from attracting big names who are nearing the end of their careers. “.

While former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher criticized this method and demanded “to stop washing the reputation of sports.”

On the other hand, Rio Ferdinand confirmed Saudi Arabia’s right to form its own league by winning the services of the most famous names by attacking anyone who criticizes Saudi clubs on this issue.

Ferdinand asked why Carragher had not commented on the appointment of his former Liverpool colleague Steven Gerrard to the technical duties of Al-Ettifak.

Rio Ferdinand said via a video on the YouTube platform: “Jamie Carragher where are you dude? I’ve been hearing a lot of negative things from you about Saudi Arabia lately. I was angry about the news that player Bernardo Silva is approaching Saudi Arabia and you said that what is happening is a disgrace and demands “to start an investigation”.

He continued by saying: “Stephen Gerrard is gone, Gerrard who used to play at Anfield, your friend went to Saudi Arabia and I didn’t hear you say a word. I didn’t hear how disappointed I was with his move to Saudi Arabia. and Robbie Fowler[ex-Liverpool player]also went to Saudi Arabia and I haven’t heard from you.”

Ferdinand added: “I want just like you said about Bernardo Silva’s impending move to Saudi Arabia… I support every player who goes to Saudi Arabia… The media has different standards when players go to America to end their career against them no one showed up.”

And he added: “Now you criticize those who go to Saudi Arabia. People say that they should not go there. You say that the Saudi league buys success. When the English Premier League brought together the best players from Belgium, Portugal, Italy, Spain and Germany, I haven’t heard anyone criticize it.”

And Rio Ferdinand concluded: “Why didn’t you criticize Italy when she once did the same thing? Why didn’t you criticize Barcelona and Real Madrid when they did this…?”

Jamie Carragher responded to Rio Ferdinand by stating via his Twitter account: “I have never criticized Silva, Benzema, Neves or Gerrard. I don’t like Saudis trying to buy football like they own golf.”

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