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Liverpool Manager Shares his Thoughts after FA Ban


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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp insists his suspension will not negatively impact Liverpool’s drive to catch up with Manchester United in the race for next season’s Champions League qualification.

And Klopp suspended two matches after questioning the integrity of referee Paul Tierney following the Reds’ victory over Tottenham Hotspur last April in the Premier League’s 34th round.

The suspension for the second match was suspended until the end of the following season, provided that the German coach does not allow other violations during this period.

“I was expecting a penalty with everything we know and what we can hear,” Klopp told reporters on Friday after the FA decided to sanction him.

“People around me were very negative and they thought it would be longer. So there’s one game, no big deal.”

Klopp’s suspension comes at a difficult time for Liverpool, fifth in the league, as he seeks to finish the season in a qualifying position for the main continental competition, the Champions League, as he is currently one point behind fourth Manchester United. but the latter has a delayed match.

The Reds have won their last seven matches.
Tomorrow, Saturday, he will face rivals Aston Villa in the penultimate league stage 37, a match Klopp will miss.

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