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Long Wait Times for Starfield on Cloud Gaming Service: High Demand and Challenges with Popular Games


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Long Wait Times for Starfield on Cloud Gaming Service

It appears that many gamers are eagerly awaiting the launch of Starfield, as the wait times for the Cloud Gaming service included with Game Pass Ultimate have become quite lengthy. Queues to access Bethesda’s latest title have reached up to 245 minutes, indicating a high demand for the game.

What is Cloud Gaming?

For those unfamiliar, Cloud Gaming is a service offered by Xbox Game Pass Ultimate that allows players without a gaming PC or Xbox Series to enjoy a wide range of games. By utilizing a suitable internet connection, players can access games without the need for expensive hardware, making it a cost-effective solution for many.

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Challenges with Popular Games

However, this convenience seems to pose a challenge when popular games like Starfield attract a large number of players. Similar to previous instances with games such as GTA 5, long queues have formed, though the waiting time may vary across different servers. Some players experience wait times of 10-20 minutes during busy periods, likely when multiple users attempt to connect simultaneously. Fortunately, in most cases, the actual queue length tends to be shorter than indicated by the user interface. Nevertheless, it is expected that Microsoft will take steps to reduce these wait times in the future.

Reports of Lengthy Wait Times

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