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Lord of Rigel Patch Notes Update Today on January 21, 2023


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A new update has been released for Lord of Rigel. You can find all the Game Update details below. Lord of Rigel is available for all platforms. The file size may vary depending on the platform.

  • Ticket #1347 Can not delete saved game fix
  • Ticket #1348 Artificial planet in Dyson sphere system building filter fix
  • Ticket #1341 Saved game turn data fix
  • Ticket #1342 Purchase button typo
  • Ticket #1286 Covert influence having no effect fix
  • Ticket #1343 Gravity maintenance penalties inverted
  • Ticket #1336 Fleet disappearing after auto combat fix
  • Ticket #1346 New game key reverts to tiny galaxy fix
  • Ticket #1171 QOL – Colony base scrap prompt added on cancel colonization
  • Ticket #1333 Hyper Advanced chemistry and construction check fix
  • Ticket #1233 Some tutorial overlays used enter to dismiss
  • Ticket #1060 UI spacing fix for prompts
  • Ticket #1354 Own fleets causing self-blockade fix
  • Ticket #1355 Enemy fleet detection fix
  • Ticket #1352 GNN 5 Planets Colonized typo fix
  • Ticket #1027 Changing settings puts game in Windowed mode
  • Ticket #1032 Reset Settings does not reset auto save turn counter and other in game settings
  • Ticket #1339 Random events refactor
  • Ticket #1328 Event ticker on construction optimization
  • Ticket #1350 Ground combat UI consistency with Colony View UI pass
  • Ticket #1351 GNN Virus event resolves within same turn
  • Ticket #1356 Conquered enemy homeworld fix
  • Ticket #1357 Temporal Anomaly event fix
  • Ticket #1255 Tutorial Outpost and Colony objectives appear early fix
  • Ticket #893 Tutorial “Click to set destination” for planet out of range fix
  • Ticket #1327 Neutron Star collider fix
  • Ticket #1043 Hyperspace flux event start and end fix
  • Ticket #1190 Ground Combat calculations and stats centralized

Additional Notes:

  • Settings menu and persistent settings have been refactored.
  • Introductory screens refactored and use hot keys.
  • Art assets with rotating models optimized.
  • Load/save system optimized.
  • Hot key input fixes in several menus.
  • Several UIs have a consistency and clean up pass.
  • Ship Designer refactor is WIP and may result in some weapon systems not probably working.
  • C++ deprecated code fixes
  • Diplomacy system has some initial WIP refactoring completed
  • Ground combat tooltip fixes WIP
  • Level reference optimizations
  • Event Ticker system refactor
  • Random monster attacking/departing order of operations fix
  • Planet building placement optimizations
  • New Game menu optimizations
  • Save Game Compatibility Checker Refactor

Source: Steam

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