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Lord of the Rings Star John Rhys-Davies Announces Exciting Comic Book Project at MCM Comic Con


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John Rhys-Davies Announces Comic Book Project

John Rhys-Davies, the beloved actor from The Lord of the Rings, has thrilled his fans with exciting news – he is currently working on a comic book. Rhys-Davies announced during MCM Comic Con in London that he is teaming up with two partners for this new venture.

What to Expect from the Comic Book

The upcoming comic book, although not autobiographical, will explore the imaginative lives of some of Rhys-Davies’ iconic characters. The details of the comic book’s content are yet to be fully disclosed, as the rights to Rhys-Davies’ past roles are shared among various production companies and film studios. However, Rhys-Davies confirmed at MCM Comic Con that the comic book will be available on store shelves in the near future.

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John Rhys-Davies’ Impressive Resume

If the crossover comic book becomes a reality, Rhys-Davies will have an abundance of beloved characters to draw inspiration from. His notable performances include Sallah in the Indiana Jones franchise. Rhys-Davies first portrayed Sallah in the 1981 film Raiders of the Lost Ark and reprised the role in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989) and the upcoming Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny (2023).

John Rhys-Davies’ Concerns about AI Technology

During MCM Comic Con, Rhys-Davies also expressed his unease regarding the use of AI technology in the film industry. He warned that studios could potentially create new performances by deceased actors, such as himself, through this technology. He shared his concerns that unscrupulous studios may use these AI-generated performances, eliminating the need to pay the original actors.

Source: MCM Comic Con, via Popverse

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