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Lost Soul Aside: A Highly Anticipated Action-RPG Game Combining Final Fantasy and Devil May Cry


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Lost Soul Aside: The Project of One Man

During the recent ChinaJoy fair, exciting news about upcoming Japanese video game titles for next-generation consoles and PC were revealed. Among the highly anticipated games showcased, Lost Soul Aside stood out. This game, which has been in development for several years, first gained attention in 2014 when Yang Bing, a solo developer, posted an animated scene on YouTube. Since then, Lost Soul Aside has generated immense excitement with its trailers and gameplay demos.

A Project That Has Been Constantly Refined, Year After Year!

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Lost Soul Aside has been continuously refined over the years to build anticipation among gamers. The recent eighteen-minute gameplay demo released in April 2021 showcased stunning visuals, intense action, and a vast array of moves and techniques. The development studio, UltiZero Games, worked hard to make a strong comeback in the gaming community. Despite occasional periods of limited updates, the developers have focused on creating a high-quality game that combines elements from Final Fantasy and Devil May Cry.

Lost Soul Aside Makes Their Stunning 2021 Demo a Reality

In a promising move, Lost Soul Aside made their playable demonstration available during the ChinaJoy 2023 show. This demo, originally showcased in April 2021, highlights the game’s intense action-RPG gameplay. The main character, Kazer, exhibits incredible agility, offering a dynamic and aggressive combat experience. The gameplay encourages players to attack opponents to fill the dodge bar or perform powerful maneuvers. Ultimately, Lost Soul Aside aims to deliver a thrilling gaming experience that competes with renowned titles like Final Fantasy and Devil May Cry.

Despite the lack of detailed information about the game’s story, mechanics, and release date, Lost Soul Aside has garnered significant support from major video game companies. Sony has not only agreed to publish the game but also enlisted it in the China Hero Project program. Additionally, the renowned Chinese gaming giant, Tencent, has acquired a 10% stake in the project, further solidifying its potential success. While many questions remain, Lost Soul Aside continues to impress with its stunning visuals, fast-paced gameplay, and the promise of a captivating fusion between Final Fantasy and Devil May Cry. Fans can expect to embark on this thrilling adventure on PS5 and computer platforms in 2024.

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