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Magic Leap 1 Augmented Reality Headset to be Discontinued by the End of 2024


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Magic Leap 1 to be Discontinued by the End of 2024

Magic Leap, the augmented reality (AR) company, has announced that its first headset, Magic Leap 1, will be discontinued at the end of next year. The company shifted its focus to enterprise with the release of Magic Leap 2, making the AR headset no longer available for purchase after December 31, 2024.

Although the Magic Leap 1 will still be supported until the end of 2024, the system’s communication channels, such as the Developer Forum and Discord channels, will be shut down at the end of this month. Troubleshooting support and warranty claims will continue to be honored until 2024.

After 2024, cloud services, apps, and general functionality of the Magic Leap 1 will become obsolete. While the number of devices in use is uncertain, it was reported that approximately 6,000 headsets were sold in the first year of its release.

The discontinuation of the Magic Leap 1 can be attributed to its high price point and limited content. However, the technology itself was ahead of its time, showcasing the potential of AR. Magic Leap currently has no plans to reenter the consumer market but remains an important player in the industry.

In contrast, Apple’s entry into the AR market with their Vision Pro headset offers validation for AR enthusiasts without overshadowing smaller competitors. The future of AR will be discussed further with Magic Leap CEO Peggy Johnson during the upcoming Disrupt Hardware Stage event.

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