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Man Fined 350,000 Rubles for Posting Terrorist Threats in Telegram Chat


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Resident of Chelyabinsk Fined for Sharing Information about Terrorist Attacks

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A resident of the Chelyabinsk region has been fined 350,000 rubles by a military court for posting information about a call for terrorist attacks in a Telegram chat. The chat was associated with the Artpodgotovka terrorist organization, which is recognized as a terrorist group in Russia. This news was reported by the press service of the Federal Security Service of Russia.

Details of the Case

According to the Federal Security Service, the man published information between September and November 2022 that contained calls for terrorist attacks against government bodies and violence against law enforcement officers. This information was shared in a Telegram conversation moderated by the leader of the Artpodgotovka terrorist organization, which was recognized as a terrorist group in Russia in 2020.

Court Verdict and Punishment

The resident of the Chelyabinsk region was convicted by the Military Court of the Southern District. The court imposed a fine of 350,000 rubles and deprived him of the right to engage in activities related to the management of websites using electronic or information and communication networks, including the Internet, for a period of two years.

Charges and Guilty Plea

The resident was found guilty of offenses under Article 205.2 Part 2 of the Russian Criminal Code (public advocacy of terrorist activities, public justification of terrorism, or propaganda of terrorism) and Part 2 of Article 280 of the Criminal Code of Russia (public calls to carry out extremist activities).

Repentance and Admission of Guilt

The press service explained that the convicted individual repented and fully admitted his guilt.

* Artpodgotovka is a terrorist organization banned in Russia.

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