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Man Hangs Grenade in Doorway as Message to Rejected Girl in St. Petersburg


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Man Hangs Grenade in Doorway as Revenge for Rejection

In a bizarre incident in St. Petersburg, a man decided to leave a grenade hanging in a doorway as a message to a girl who had rejected him. The man had been persistently trying to communicate with her through calls and messages.

A Shocking Message with a Note

On the body of the grenade, which initially appeared to be real ammunition, was a message that read “Grenade for Olya!” Additionally, a note was found nearby, urging the man to read the instructions for the anti-personnel RG2S grenade before pulling the pin.

An Airsoft Grenade, Not a Real Threat

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Fortunately, it was later discovered that the grenade was actually an airsoft grenade, which poses no real danger. Nonetheless, the incident caused alarm and concern.

Arrest and Release

Following the incident, the police arrested the man, identified as 39-year-old Vitaly S., who happened to be a firefighter. After providing a sincere confession and clarifying the circumstances, he was eventually released.

Location of the Incident

The incident took place at No. 13 Blagodtnaya Street in Kupchino.

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