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Man in Moscow Tricked Into Shooting Bank By Phone Scammers


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Moscow, March 28 – the News Agency reported in the press service of the main office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the capital on Tuesday that a conversation with fraudsters by phone led to a pensioner being confronted with a shooting at a bank in the northwest of Moscow.
The incident occurred the day before on Nemansky Prospect: the police received a message that an unknown person had opened fire with a pneumatic gun in the office of a bank. As an informed source explained to the News Agency, the incident occurred in one of the branches of Sberbank. The rioter was arrested by the private security.
It turned out that the shooter was a resident of the Strogino neighborhood, born in 1951, who, during a telephone conversation with fraudsters, received information stating that his personal data had become open due to the error of the employees of a bank, as the man went to clarify his circumstances and took an air gun with him. A bullet was fired towards the top, and he was arrested as a result.

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The detainee was interrogated and the weapon was sent for search. “The investigation into the incident is currently underway,” the press service concluded.
It was not specified whether the fraudsters somehow managed to deceive the pensioner or whether they limited themselves to a “joke” about the “leaked” data.

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