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Manchester United Provides Official Statement on Mason Greenwood’s Return: New Investigation and Internal Discussions Underway


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Manchester United Releases Statement on Mason Greenwood’s Return

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Manchester United Football Club has issued an official statement regarding their young player, Mason Greenwood (21), and his involvement in the current season.

Arrest and Investigation

In early February 2022, Greenwood was arrested by the police on suspicion of “raping and assaulting” a woman. This was after photos and videos were shared on social media. His girlfriend, Harriet Robson, posted evidence on Instagram, accusing Greenwood of assault before deleting the posts.

Legal Outcome

After an extensive investigation, British prosecutors decided to release Mason Greenwood in early February 2023.

Absence from Stadiums

Greenwood has been absent from stadiums since last year, causing frustration among Manchester United fans and staff who do not want him to return to the club.

Manchester United Statement

On Wednesday, Manchester United released a statement clarifying their position on Greenwood’s return. The statement mentioned that despite the charges being dropped, the club will conduct a new investigation based on undisclosed evidence and testimonies from individuals directly involved or knowledgeable about the matter.

Club Internal Environment

Furthermore, employees have expressed concerns about the club’s lack of an internal environment that allows and empowers them to object to important decisions.

Consideration of Victim and Employee Responsibilities

The statement emphasized that the victim’s wishes were respected during the investigation. The club also acknowledged its responsibilities towards Mason Greenwood as an employee, a young man who has been with the club since the age of seven, and as a new father.

Final Decision Pending

The club stated that they are in the final stages of making a decision regarding Greenwood’s future with Manchester United. The responsibility for the decision lies with the CEO, and intense internal discussions are currently underway.

Appeal for Patience

Manchester United appealed for patience from the fans, acknowledging their strong opinions based on the limited evidence available to the public. They requested understanding as they carefully work through the final stages of the decision-making process.

CEO’s Plan

According to The Athletic, Richard Arnold, Manchester United’s CEO, intends to bring Greenwood back to the team. He has informed some employees of this decision and plans to release a video explaining the rationale behind it.

Opposition from Women’s Team

Reports suggest that the Manchester United women’s team is most opposed to Greenwood’s return to the club.


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