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Manchester United’s Decade of Worst Net Spending Revealed by CIES Study


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Manchester United’s Net Spending Reaches 10-Year Low, Study Finds

Manchester United has experienced its lowest net spending in a decade, as revealed by a study conducted by the International Center for Sports Research (CIES). The study takes into account player deals from 2014 onwards.

Over this period, Manchester United has spent €1.959 billion on contracts and received €563 million from player sales. This leaves the club with a deficit of approximately €1.396 billion.

Other clubs with significant negative balances include Chelsea with a deficit of one billion euros, Paris Saint-Germain with the same amount, Arsenal (872 million euros), and Manchester City (856 million euros).

English Premier League Faces the Largest Deficit

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The English Premier League (Premier League) tops the list of leagues with the worst financial position, as first-class English clubs have spent €21.480 billion since 2014 but only earned €10.370 billion. This results in a negative balance of €11 billion, which is considerably higher than the Chinese Super League (1.33 billion euros) and the Saudi League (1.32 billion euros).

Comparatively, the Spanish league (La Liga) spent 7.4 billion euros on transfers and generated 6.92 billion euros in profit, resulting in a smaller negative balance than that of the Italian league (1.12 billion euros) but higher than the German league (540 million euros).

Among Spanish clubs, Barcelona holds the seventh position with a negative balance of €663 million, while Real Madrid, having spent €1.279 billion and earned €954 million, is ranked 19th with a negative balance of €325 million, according to CIES.

Football’s Economic Recovery and Record Transfer Market

CIES states that football has regained its economic strength after years of the COVID-19 pandemic, largely due to the growth of the English Premier League and investments from Saudi Arabia and the United States. The transfer market has also reached a record level, with a total of 12.4 billion euros spent, surpassing the previous record of 10 billion euros in 2019.

Source: “Wakalat”

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