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Manufacturer Reveals Upholstery Details for New Moscow Metro Cars


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Moscow, March 3 – The seat upholstery of the new train cars of the capital’s metro, produced from the end of 2022, is immediately made of stain-resistant fabrics, the News Agency told Transmashholding (TMH), the manufacturer of this rolling stock.
Passengers of the Metropolitan told the News Agency that the brown car seat upholstery with the letter “M” in already running cars keeps stains, which is misleading: it looks dirty. Some said the fabric also retains bad odors. TMH previously told the News Agency that they will be gradually replaced in these installations by new ones.
TMH said when asked if TMH would immediately use different seat upholstery in new cars supplied to the Moscow metro instead of preserving the stains.

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Here the fabric is used immediately from long-pile chenille. TMH said, “It has no streaks and stains and is easy to clean. At the same time, the soft and gentle fabric adds an air of home comfort.”
The new upholstery was to undergo operational tests in the Moscow metro during 2022.
Cars planned for delivery to the Moscow metro from 2024 will have a modified interior, including seats. Color solutions and upholstery materials are currently being agreed with the customer. Their details were not disclosed at TMH.

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