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Marker Combat Robot: Equipped with State-of-the-Art Grenade Launchers


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Serial industrial production of Russian Marker robots equipped with Kornet anti-tank systems begins.

This was reported by the Russian Novosti agency, citing a source in the Russian military-industrial complex, who said that the developed combat robots would be used in the area of ​​​​special military operations.

It is noteworthy that Dmitry Rogozin, the former CEO of the Russian Ross Cosmos Foundation and head of the advisory team in Donbass, had previously posted a video on his Telegram channel showing Marker tests. the robot is equipped with the Cornet system.

The source said that the Kornet system is a dangerous weapon capable of hitting armored vehicles from a distance of up to 5500 meters and piercing its armor protected by means of dynamic protection, even 1000-1200 mm thick, and will become the main weapon of the robot. He added that the Marker robot, equipped with the Kornet system, can become a real tank killer, including Western-made tanks.

The source recalled that 4 robots of this type were sent to the special operation area, where they were subjected to various tests.

The armament of the robot, in addition to the Kornet system, includes a large-caliber machine gun capable of delivering accurate fire and destroying low-flying ground and air targets without causing damage to the personnel controlling it.

In addition, the robot is equipped with tactical intelligence, radar and optical instruments. It was also provided with small drums.

Currently, it can be controlled from a distance of 5 kilometers. However, it is planned that in the future the robot will work at a distance of thousands of kilometers. It can also use two platforms, one of which is tracked and the other is wheeled.

Source: Russian newspaper

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