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Market Movers React to Apple’s Unveiling of iPhone 15: Analysts Discuss Impact on Stock and Pricing Strategy


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Latest Reactions on Apple from Investors and Analysts

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Market Movers has compiled the latest reactions from investors and analysts regarding Apple. This article highlights the discussions held by industry experts, such as Jim Cramer, following the company’s unveiling of the new iPhone 15, Apple Watch, and other products. Notably, Apple decided not to increase prices for its latest iPhone models in the U.S., but raised them in China, Japan, and India. With China alone accounting for almost 20% of Apple’s total sales, the market’s response is of great interest.

Investment Opinions and Price Target Adjustments

Morgan Stanley has reiterated its investment opinion on Apple, maintaining an overweight position. On the other hand, Wedbush has raised its price target to $240 per share. These assessments provide valuable insights into Apple’s future performance and potential for growth.

Stock Performance

Apple experienced a decline of 1.2% in its stock value at the end of the day. However, it is worth noting that Jim Cramer’s Charitable Trust portfolio currently holds Apple stock, indicating ongoing confidence in the company’s prospects.

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