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Marvel Celebrates Wolverine with Month-Long Variant Cover Series in 2024


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Wolverine Wolverine Wolverine: A Celebration of the Iconic Mutant Hero

Wolverine Wolverine Wolverine: A Celebration of the Iconic Mutant Hero

In 2024, fans will be treated to a special celebration of Wolverine, the iconic Canadian mutant hero. Marvel is getting the festivities started early with a month-long variant cover series called WOLVERINE WOLVERINE WOLVERINE. This series will feature Wolverine on homage variant covers inspired by some of Marvel’s most famous characters.

Homage Covers

Throughout January, fans can expect to see Wolverine appearing on covers that pay tribute to iconic Marvel comics. For example, there will be a Wolverine cover in place of Spider-Man on an homage cover of Amazing Spider-Man. Similarly, Wolverine will stand in for Captain America on an issue of Captain America. Keep in mind that not all titles will have a cover dedicated to their specific character. In some cases, Wolverine may appear on covers inspired by other characters, like Doctor Strange with a Ghost Rider homage cover.

Cover Variety

What makes the WOLVERINE WOLVERINE WOLVERINE variant covers even more exciting is that multiple versions of Wolverine will be featured. This allows the artists to select their favorite renditions of Wolverine throughout the years. You can expect to see versions like the Age of Apocalypse Weapon X or Old Man Logan. Additionally, Wolverine’s “family” of characters, such as Talon and Daken, will also make appearances on these covers.

Released Covers

Marvel has already released 15 of the covers for fans to enjoy. Here are some of the covers and the issue they are homaging:

  • Captain America #5 Wolverine Variant Cover by Jim Rugg: Homages Jack Kirby’s cover for 1968’s Captain America #100.
  • Doctor Strange #11 Wolverine Variant Cover by E.J. Su: Homages Javier Saltares’ cover for 1990’s Ghost Rider #1.
  • Miguel O’Hara – Spider-Man: 2099 #1 Wolverine Variant by David Yardin: Homages Todd McFarlane’s cover for 1990’s Spider-Man #1.
  • Venom #29 Wolverine Variant by Leinil Francis Yu: Homages Erik Larsen’s cover for 1991’s Amazing Spider-Man #347.
  • Avengers #9 Wolverine Variant Cover by Pete Woods: Homages John Buscema’s cover for 1968’s Avengers #57.
  • Blade #7 Wolverine Variant Cover by Ema Lupacchino
  • Miles Morales: Spider-Man #15 Wolverine Variant Cover by Ken Lashley
  • Sensational She-Hulk #4 Wolverine Variant Cover by Dan Jurgens: Homages Mike Zeck and John Beatty’s cover for 1984’s Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #8.
  • Wolverine #41 Wolverine Variant Cover by Clayton Crain: Homages Crain’s own cover for 2011’s Carnage U.S.A. #1.
  • Amazing Spider-Man #42 Wolverine Variant Cover by Alex Saviuk: Homages John Romita’s cover for 1966’s Amazing Spider-Man #39.
  • Black Panther #8 Wolverine Variant Cover by Dan Panosian: Homages Howard Chaykin’s cover for 1977’s Star Wars #1.
  • Daredevil #5 Wolverine Variant Cover by David Marquez
  • Fantastic Four #16 Wolverine Variant Cover by Chad Hardin: Homages Jack Kirby’s cover for 1961’s Fantastic Four #1.
  • X-Men #30 Wolverine Variant Cover by Ethan Young: Homages Jack Kirby’s cover for 1963’s X-Men #1.
  • Immortal Thor #6 Wolverine Variant Cover by Carlos Magno: Homages Walter Simonson’s cover for 1983’s Thor #337.
  • Spider-Woman #3 Wolverine Variant Cover by Corin Howell
  • Superior Spider-Man #3 Wolverine Variant Cover by Betsy Cola: Homages John Romita’s cover for 1967’s Amazing Spider-Man #50.
  • Punisher #3 Wolverine Variant Cover (Artist to be announced)
  • Avengers Inc. #5 Wolverine Variant by Todd Nauck: Homages George Perez’s cover for 1991’s Infinity Gauntlet #1.
  • Dead X-Men #1 Wolverine Variant Cover by Kevin Eastman
  • Incredible Hulk #8 Wolverine Variant Cover by Dustin Nguyen
  • Spider-Boy #3 Wolverine Variant by David Baldeon: Homages Todd McFarlane’s cover for 1988’s Amazing Spider-Man #300.


2024 will mark the 50th anniversary of Wolverine’s debut, and Marvel is already celebrating with a lineup of variant covers that pay homage to different Marvel characters. These covers feature Wolverine standing in for various heroes and villains, allowing fans to see different versions of the beloved character. Be sure to keep an eye out for more of these exciting covers hitting the shelves. Source: Marvel

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