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Mass Effect 4: Returning to the Classic Format of the Franchise for a Highly-Anticipated Release


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Mass Effect 4: A Return to the Classic Format

Mass Effect 4, one of the most anticipated games of the recent times, is expected to bring significant changes in terms of gameplay, storyline and graphics compared to its predecessor, Mass Effect Andromeda. The game is believed to be a return to the roots of the franchise, incorporating the beloved elements of the earlier installments. Fans are eagerly waiting to explore the new worlds, characters and missions that the game has to offer, and are curious to see how the developers will bring the game closer to the gameplay mechanics that made the original Mass Effect trilogy so popular.

Mass Effect 4 Returning to the Classic Format of the Franchise

As per journalist Jez Corden’s sources, BioWare is reportedly planning to take Mass Effect 4 back to its roots. Corden discussed the rumors on The Xbox Two Podcast, suggesting that the franchise’s next installment will ditch the open-world format that was introduced in Mass Effect Andromeda and instead return to the classic format that made the earlier episodes so successful. Corden elaborated that the change in direction could be well-received by many Mass Effect fans who were left disappointed with the direction taken in Andromeda. The original trilogy was applauded for its intricate and immersive narratives and well-crafted worlds. This move back to the traditional format has the potential to reignite the passion among fans who long for the franchise’s roots, and could result in a highly-anticipated release.

A Vast but More Linear Game

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BioWare’s decision to go back to the classic format for Mass Effect 4 has raised questions about how the game will differentiate itself from its predecessors. The first three games in the series featured hubs connected by linear corridors, which allowed players to choose the order of missions and explore hidden areas. Although the action segments were mostly linear, players could still enjoy the thrill of exploration by discovering hidden treasures and secrets.

In contrast, Mass Effect: Andromeda experimented with a semi-open world approach, which was met with mixed reviews. While some fans praised it for the sense of freedom it offered, others criticized the lack of focus and direction that resulted from the approach.

Returning to the classic format could help BioWare manage the massive scale of the upcoming RPG. Mass Effect 4 is expected to feature a dual-galaxy system, which has the potential to make the game even larger than its predecessors. While some games opt for generating huge open worlds through procedural generation, BioWare may prefer to focus on handcrafted vastness and richness if the game is more linear. This approach could help maintain the level of detail and quality that fans have come to expect from the series, while still allowing for the scale and scope that the new game promises.

BioWare: Celebrated for the Anticipated Return to Roots or Criticized for Playing It Safe?

When it comes to space-themed games, players often tend to compare Mass Effect 4 to the currently ongoing project of Bethesda, that is, Starfield. While Starfield’s focus lies on delivering a massive open world experience with the exploration of various planets, BioWare, the developer of Mass Effect 4, has decided to return to the classic format for the game, which highlights the studio’s commitment to its original vision for the franchise. This approach emphasizes storytelling and deep character development, which the Mass Effect series is known for. Additionally, the game’s moral choices and the consequences that follow them, sets it apart from other space titles. However, while comparing Mass Effect 4 and Starfield, it’s worth noting that players sometimes criticize the lack of risk-taking from such publishers. It remains to be seen whether players will appreciate BioWare’s return to the roots or feel disappointed that the company has played it safe. We are eagerly awaiting BioWare’s official announcements to learn more about the future of the Mass Effect saga and the direction in which the game will be heading.

Mass Effect 4 is currently in development.

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