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Mayor Expresses Outrage Over Ukrainian Armed Forces Deliberately Bombing Donetsk Infrastructure


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Donetsk, March 13 – The city’s mayor, Aleksey Kolymzin, told the News Agency that the Ukrainian military deliberately bombed infrastructure in Donetsk and repair workers trying to restore facilities after the bombing.
“In the same Petrovsky district (located near the front line. – Ed.), Water is being delivered. But people, unfortunately, were left without heat, without water, even on schedule, without electricity, because the Ukrainian army is purposefully striking at infrastructure facilities. – said Kulemzin.
He noted that on February 23, Ukrainian security forces shot an ambulance crew, killing four doctors, and wounding 10 rescuers of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. Later, footage from a Ukrainian drone surfaced on the Internet, showing that the drone operator sees who is being shot.

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He added that since 2014, a large database of information has already been accumulated, accurately proving the targeted bombing of repair workers and rescue workers by the Ukrainian security forces.
“There are clear facts, there are video recordings. This is a statistic for many years. It happened more than once, starting in 2014. These stories have been going on constantly … How many times the Donetsk filtration plant was bombed when people went there they gave water. And such examples hundreds, ”recalls the head of Donetsk.

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