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Mayor of Toulon Accused of Fraud: Court Postpones Decision on Preventive Measure


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Irkutsk Court Postpones Decision on Preventive Measures for Mayor Accused of Fraud

The court in Irkutsk has delayed making a decision on the choice of preventive measures for the mayor of Toulon, who is facing fraud charges, according to a representative from the regional prosecutor’s office.

Mayor of Toulon and Aides Accused of Fraud

The mayor of Toulon, Yuri Karikh, along with five of his aides, has been accused of fraud. Investigators claim that after a devastating flood in 2019, they manipulated the housing situation of certain individuals. They relocated these individuals to emergency housing and later resettled them in new homes designated for those in need. The defendants then sold these properties and pocketed the proceeds. The investigation committee intends to request the arrest of Karikh, and a court session was scheduled for today.

Decision Postponed for 72 Hours

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The Kirovsky District Court has postponed the decision on the choice of preventive measures for the mayor of Toulon for 72 hours, until Saturday, as stated by an agency interviewer.

Postponement Requested by Defense

The session was postponed at the request of the defense, who needed additional time to gather profiling materials.

Devastating Flood in the Irkutsk Region

In the summer of 2019, the Irkutsk region experienced a severe flood that impacted approximately 11,000 residential buildings and over 45,000 people. Tragically, 26 people lost their lives and four individuals remain missing. The cities of Toulon and Nizhneudinsk were particularly affected by this disaster.

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